Frequently Asked Questions

What makes diffusers and humidifiers good wedding gifts?

A diffuser or humidifier can be a thoughtful and practical wedding gift. Diffusers with essential oils can create a calming and relaxing environment, perfect for newlyweds the busy months leading up to the wedding. A humidifier can ensure a comfortable atmosphere in their home, potentially aiding in better sleep and improved overall health. Both of these items contribute to creating a soothing and comfortable home environment.

What essential oils would you recommend for a wedding gift?

We recommend choosing calming and romantic scents to celebrate the occasion. Lavender is a popular choice for its soothing properties, which can be beneficial in relieving post-wedding stress. For a more romantic ambience, try Legacy Blend, which has Rose and Cedarwood scent notes. To help the couple wake up refreshed and ready for the day, consider citrus oils like Lemon, Grapefruit, or Boost Blend. It’s a good idea to choose a selection of oils to offer a range of experiences.

What is the return policy for gifts?

Gift exchanging is super easy! If the couple doesn’t love their gift, they can initiate a gift exchange here. They’ll just need to know the order number and delivery zip code.

For more information on our return policy, visit our page here.