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An exploration of what it means to be at home—in our bodies, in our spaces, and in our world.

In scent creation, the base note is the longest-lasting component of an aroma. It’s what clings to the skin or hovers in the air; it’s what holds the structure in place. It’s foundation. It’s bricks and beams. It’s home.

Basenotes interprets home as something we feel both inwardly and outwardly; it’s a figurative place as much as a literal one. Through this lens, Basenotes unpacks the ways in which we feel at home within ourselves, our physical spaces, and our world. As the editorial arm of vitruvi, Basenotes covers not only essential oils and non-toxic aromas, but also sustainability, design, technology, beauty, and wellness.

So come on in, take off your shoes. You’re not a guest here—you’re home.


Sean Panton
Sara Panton


Sara Harowitz


Jenna Vaandering


Story pitches and publicity requests can
be sent to basenotes@vitruvi.com.

We welcome pieces by and about all genders,
backgrounds, sexualities, races, ages, and abilities.