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Holiday Gift Guide

Always in Style

Best-sellers that never fail to impress.

Stone Diffuser in White

The iconic bedside staple.

Move Diffuser in Charm

Cordless in luxurious pearl.


Smells like holiday baking.

Lavender Essential Oil

Smells like Southern France.


Smells like spiced drinks.

Holiday Kit

Four seasonal favorites.

Gather ‘Round

For the person who loves to host.

Stone Diffuser in Terracotta

A rich and warm neutral.

Move Diffuser in Willow

Cordless in creamy green.


Smells like a sultry bar.

Clean Sweep

Smells like clean counters.

Uplift Kit

Four elevating blends.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Smells like the spa.

Chill Out

For the person who deserves some rest.

Stone Diffuser in White

A sophisticated favorite.

Move Diffuser in Chestnut

Cordless in metallic brown.


Smells like sweet dreams.

Unwind Kit

Four relaxing blends.


Smells like a flower bath.

Stone Diffuser in Black

A bedside staple.

Spa Day

For the person who’s craving a little pampering.

Stone Diffuser in Sea

The color of the deep blue.

Move Diffuser in White

Cordless in a classic hue.


Smells like Hawaii.


Smells like Tofino.


Smells like Lisbon.

Natural Habitat Print Issue No. 1

For a mental escape.

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