Bergamot Shower Cubes

Words by Tessa McDonald

Photography by Cristina Gareau

This recipe will turn shower time into luxury time in no time. Close your eyes and breathe in as the warming scent of Bergamot floats through the air. Talk about the ultimate shower power.


    1/2 cup citric acid

    1 cup baking soda

    1/2 cup corn starch

    30 drops Bergamot Essential Oil

    1 ice cube tray

    How to use it

    1. In a bowl, combine the dry ingredients, then slowly add the oil and whisk the powder until it becomes more of a wet sand.
    2. Pack the mixture into each compartment of the ice cube tray.
    3. Leave overnight, then pop them out onto a towel for a few hours.
    4. Store the cubes in an airtight container.
    5. When you’re ready to indulge, place one or two of the cubes at the bottom of your shower and let the water create a mist of Bergamot to wake you up...not that you needed another reason to stay a bit longer in the shower.