With Love From India

Our Work Abroad Dedicated to the preservation of culture and passionate about advocating for access to health care as a basic human right. We feel...

With Love From India

Dedicated to the preservation of culture, our work in rural India with womens community health centers The post With Love From India appeared first on...
The Rituals of Our Days
Inspired to create a space online that explores the sacred art of storytelling The post The Rituals of Our Days appeared first on VITRUVI.

A City Without Streets

My introduction to the power of ritual; The entire city stopped to take part in an offering of appreciation The post A City Without Streets appeared...

The Science of Scent

Science is only just starting to understand how deeply connected the olfactory system is to our emotional state The post The Science of Scent appeared...

Creating Calm: Fragrance

An experiment to blend traditional botanicals with fresh modern oil extracts The post Creating Calm: Fragrance appeared first on VITRUVI.
Why the worlds most creative people are journeying to the heart of the amazon The post Ayahuasca appeared first on VITRUVI.

Vitruvi x Mala Collective

Inspired by a mutual passion for the ritual of meditation and a respect for artisanal craftsmanship, Vitruvi partnered with Mala Collective to co-design a collection...

Polina Rabtseva

“My creative rituals are part of my daily routine, I’m very intuitive, I never think or plan to much” The post Polina Rabtseva appeared first...

Preston Smiles

“My understanding is that if you don’t go within you will go without” The post Preston Smiles appeared first on VITRUVI.

Dan MacCombie

“The Kickwa people believe that the patters, people and topics you dream about are important to explore” The post Dan MacCombie appeared first on VITRUVI.