Take Back Your Mornings

Words by Louise Miller

Photography by Brit Gill

It’s no surprise when your snooze button gets a lot of love on Monday mornings before you roll out of bed and head straight for the French press.

But coffee, as much as we love it, is not the only answer to groggy wake-ups. Try these five daily rituals to keep your energy levels at a natural high, from Monday in the boardroom to Saturday on the dance floor.

Keep the drapes open

Wake up with the sunrise. Sunlight triggers an increase in serotonin levels, naturally heightening your mood and alertness.

Opt for tea

Save the latte for later and go for tea instead. Choose an herbal variety and mindfully steep your tea as you meditate for five minutes. This practice decreases stress and increases levels of DHEA, controlling cortisol levels and sparking your immune system.

Enhance your senses

Treat your nose to the scent of woodsy Juniper and citrusy Bergamot—it awakens your senses and provides a reminder to start your day with a jolt. Diffuse 15 drops of Boost Essential Oil Blend as you put on your makeup or eat breakfast. Inhale, exhale.

Incorporate coconut oil

It’s hailed as a cure-all and it may be trendy, but coconut oil is proven to regulate your thyroid function. Add it to your morning smoothie and help your thyroid increase metabolic function in cells and reduce stress. The end result: an extra pep in your step.

Get moving

Flush out cortisol and get your blood pumping with 30 to 60 minutes of exercise. Commit to your morning workout as motivation to get to bed a bit earlier and stop hitting snooze. You can do it, you really can.