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At Vitruvi we believe the products you use should be multipurpose and should be good for you and the planet. We source traditional essential oils from over 30 countries and formulate them in contemporary ways for every facet of your dynamic life. From waking up, working at your desk, creating your own skincare or washing your dishes - We help you weave the science and benefit of scent and essential oils throughout your days.  We started Vitruvi as a passion product designing products that we wanted.  What resulted was the first direct to consumer essential oil company creating premium essential oil products for millennial woman.  Our products are build by women and designed for women and our goal is simple, to create products that help women take care of themselves so they can take on the world. 


Our Founders


Sara & Sean are a brother and sister team who grew up in Metchosin, Canada a rural oceanside community that allowed them to roam freely as kids and call nature their playground. Today they live and work in Vancouver, Canada where they run Vitruvi, but still head back to Metchosin often to visit as often as they can to visit their parents and get back into nature. Their priority is creating a dynamic company with a talented team that creates design centric premium essential oil products that are readily available online and through our retail partners. We just want to help people connect with nature and the benefits of essential oils while living a little more naturally, and beautifully. 


Sara Panton 

Sara stumbled into the world of essential oils while pursuing a medical degree, but the seed had been planted long before. She grew up using natural beauty products like our mom, had an affinity for Vogue magazine from the time she was a teen, and had a long standing ritual of buying a new perfume for herself every birthday to symbolize a new chapter of her life. Sara’s interest in scent deepened when she learned about its effect on the limbic system (our brain’s emotional centre) in a neurology course. This discovery, layered with her love of culture and natural medicine, sparked a deeper passion for the science of scent, and its potential to help in her busy days.

At this point, Sara had finished and undergraduate degree in Global Health. She travelled to Kenya where she witnessed natural medicine firsthand on a trip with WE organization, a children’s charity she worked with for 6 years that empowers people to transform local and global communities by creating schools, medical clinics, safe water projects and alternative income programs for women.  Shortly after her time in Kenya, she traveled to Morocco where she scoured local markets for indigo, rose petals, and peppermint oil catalyzing her love of rose water. Each of these experiences inspired Sara to reframe her own self-care practices in a natural way, and today serve as the foundation of the Vitruvi philosophy.


Today, Sara runs Vitruvi with Sean and is involved at every level of the business, whether that’s product sourcing, packaging, directing photo shoots, connecting with retailers, or meeting with media across the continent.  In her downtime she is known for her love of espresso and drinking a little too much coffee, going to the park with her dog Charlie, reading biographical books, jogging along the ocean followed by and a warm eucalyptus bath.


Sean Panton

Sean moved to Vancouver from Metchosin at the age of 17 to become the youngest student in his BCIT Marketing Management program. Always entrepreneurial and one to create his own way, Sean quickly realized he was more interested in building businesses than learning about them. To gain hands-on experience, Sean began selling printers door-to-door at Xerox, which helped him learn about businesses in the truest sense. Not long after, he co-founded Lift Marketing, which used quadcopter drones to film real estate, events, and development sites in high definition. Today, at age 25, Sean’s leadership style and wisdom are beyond his years. He oversees all Vitruvi’s operations and works collaboratively with the whole team, infusing his humour, relentless work ethic, and love of chocolate croissants into our office. Despite long hours at the office, Sean still finds time to golf on the weekends, hike Vancouver’s North Shore mountains, and fly fish with friends.