Grove Diffuser Blend

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Grove is woodsy and fresh. With top notes of Pine and Fir and bottom notes of Spruce and Cedarwood, it smells like a quiet pathway shaded with trees. When you can’t get out in nature, this is your wilderness fix.

Perfect For:

  • Creating a refreshing and natural atmosphere
  • Bringing the essence of the forest into your home
  • Nature-inspired relaxation
  • Refreshing any space with a woodsy aroma
Grove Diffuser Blend

Grove Diffuser Blend

Only 100% pure essential oils

Free from Synthetic fragrance

Vegan and cruelty-free

Top Notes

  • Pine
    Fresh, light, woodsy
  • Fir
    Invigorating, earthy, light

Bottom Notes

  • Spruce
    Sharp, sweet, woodsy
  • Cedarwood
    Smoky, warm, comforting

Full Ingredients
abies siberica oil, picea abies oil, pinus sylvestris oil, juniperus ashei oil

Add Water
Fill your Vitruvi diffuser with clean, room-temperature water up to the fill line.

Add Essential Oils
Add 20-30 drops of your favorite Vitruvi essential oil or diffuser blend to the water.

Power On
Power on your Vitruvi diffuser and select your desired time setting.

Sit back and enjoy the 100% natural fragrance as it fills your space.

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    Dewy trees.