Move Diffuser

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Elevate your home ambiance with the innovative Move Diffuser. Designed to naturally scent your space without the need for a plug, this cordless diffuser allows you to enjoy fragrance in every corner of your home. Enjoy the peace of mind with a lifetime warranty, and benefit from free shipping and returns. The Move Diffuser features an 8-hour run time, ensuring long-lasting fragrance throughout your day. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with the Move Diffuser.

Move Diffuser

Move Diffuser

Cordless technology
Move comes with a rechargeable battery and convenient charging pad.

Natural air care
Move uses all-natural oils to safely scent your space. That means no harsh chemicals or other toxic ingredients.

Functional art
Move’s high-quality matte metal cover looks like a sculpture in your home.

Flexible timing
Move has two time settings (4-hour continuous and 8-hour intermittent) to scent your space on your schedule.

Safety feature
Move automatically shuts off when either the time setting is done or the water runs out.

Ambient light
Move has an optional LED light that gives off a soft glow.

Diffusing capacity
Move scents rooms of up to 500 square-feet, making it perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Matte metal, BPA-free plastic.

Diffuser type
Ultrasonic: 2.5 vibrations/second.

Misting output
4-hour consistent: 0.6 fl. oz./hour
8-hour intermittent: 0.3 fl. oz./hour

Diffusing capacity
500 sq.-ft

Width: 7.7 cm
Height: 18.9 cm

1.2 lbs

Water capacity
60 ml

Automatically turns off when time is up, when water runs out, or when the lid is removed.

Includes a power cord compatible with North American outlets.

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Our diffusers and humidifiers are made to last and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Transform Any Room

Able to scent 500 sq.-ft., the Move Diffuser is great for hallways, bathroom counters, and coffee tables.




Scent Every Corner

With cordless technology, the Move Diffuser effortlessly follows you from room to room, providing the freedom to enjoy the calming benefits of essential oils anywhere in your home.

Its sleek, modern design complements any decor, while the intuitive interface makes it incredibly easy to use.

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Aromatherapy Elevated, Thanks to Vitruvi

The BEST diffuser I've ever owned!

I'm head over heels in love with Vitruvi diffusers. The colors are true to the image, they carry my scent blends far and wide, and they are so incredibly quiet. Vitruvi stands tall, head and shoulders above the rest. Highly recommend!

Kristin P.
The Stone Diffuser

Verified Customer
It's Everything You'd Want in a Diffuser

I’ve only had the Move diffuser for a few weeks and I am in love (and so is my husband!). We really love the flexibility of the cordless diffuser. I have it in my home office in the morning, he takes it into his office in the afternoon, and then into our bedroom in the evening—it's truly all we need in one!

Angel W.
The Move Diffuser

Verified Customer
Spend the money, you will not be disappointed

This is seriously the best diffuser I have owned! The stream of diffused oils is just so much stronger. It really delivers a true essential oil experience versus a watered-down mist. It is also very sleek and elegant, making it perfect for any environment. It’s expensive, but totally worth the money.

Crystal N.The Stone Diffuser

Verified Customer
In Love with my First Purchase from Vitruvi

It’s beautiful! I received it yesterday. Setting it up was a breeze. It filled my whole living room, dining area, and kitchen with scent. Wow, I can even smell it in the hallway. I’m so happy with my new diffuser. It’s a treat-yourself gift. Highly recommend getting one.

Monica V.
The Stay Diffuser

Verified Customer
Easy to use, easy to display

This checked all the boxes! You can turn off the night light, and people keep complimenting how nice my home smells and how cute my 'sculpture' is. The color is beautiful and subtle—definitely getting some for gifts.

Danielle R.The Stone Diffuser

Verified Customer
A Healthier Work at Home Space

Love my new Stone Vitruvi diffuser. It’s a sleek design, and the neutral colors blend seamlessly into my decor. The diffused oil has been a welcoming addition to the air in my workspace.

Joan F.The Stone Diffuser

Verified Customer
Amazing Diffuser!

This diffuser is worth the investment! It is so calming in our bathroom, making it feel like a more luxurious spa space. We can smell the diffuser throughout three rooms in the house. I will be purchasing another one for our bedroom. I love this product!

Desiree W.The Move Diffuser

Verified Customer
Quiet and powerful

Very attractive, minimal design. Runs quietly and works consistently to diffuse essential oils. We have a small apartment (~650 sq ft) and it easily fills the whole space! I like the matte texture of the cover, and the color is fun but neutral enough to go anywhere. <3

Savannah A.
The Stone Diffuser

Verified Customer