Plant Insect Repellent Spray

Words by Ashley Matos

Photography by Rebecca Benoit

Plants are becoming an essential part of our homes. Not only do they elevate a space, but they’re immensely helpful to us humans. Caring for plants creates a sense of well being within us; as our plants grow, we celebrate every success (and on the other hand, when our plants aren’t doing well, we quickly turn to the internet for answers).

One of the most challenging parts about nurturing plants is dealing with pests. Being that plants are living and breathing organisms, it makes sense that insects would be attracted to their leaves and soil. This is where essential oils come into play. Instead of using harmful pesticides, we can use oils like Rosemary to prevent and manage pests—without harming your green babies. The properties in Rosemary really irritate insects; they simply cannot stand the smell. So if you want to prevent pests from inhabiting your plants or already have a few bugs, try using this recipe (of course, it is still worth doing research on your specific plants to be sure they will agree with the Rosemary). Your plants will love you for it.


6 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

4 ounces water

How to use it

  1. Fill an empty 4-ounce spray bottle with filtered water.
  2. Add the Rosemary Essential Oil.
  3. Shake to combine.
  4. Spray the mixture to saturate the soil of your plants.
  5. Repeat every other week as a preventive measure, or every three to seven days to manage insects.
  6. Watch your plants thrive.