Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a diffuser or humidifier in my baby’s room?

A diffuser can provide a calming atmosphere through aromatherapy, potentially helping your baby sleep better. However, you should only use baby-safe essential oils and follow proper guidelines. A humidifier helps maintain healthy humidity levels in the nursery, which can prevent dry skin, alleviate congestion, and reduce the risk of respiratory issues. Both devices can contribute to a more comfortable environment for your baby.

Are essential oils safe to use around babies?

We always recommend checking in with your doctor before introducing a new product to your baby’s routine. As a general rule of thumb, essential oils that are derived from a citrus or floral source are considered safe for babies. All the scents listed above are great options to start with!

Use small amounts of essential oils when pregnant (about 1-5 drops in your diffuser to start); and when it comes to newborns, we recommend waiting 3 months before using essential oils. But of course, your doctor will know best, as we all react differently.

Are there essential oils I should avoid diffusing around my baby?

Essential oils we suggest avoiding are (but are not limited to) Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Spruce, as they may be too potent. We also suggest avoiding blends containing these essential oils.