Why You Should Use A Humidifier In the Summer

Words by Louise Miller

Photography by Carissa Vianca

Most people think of humidifiers as great tools for the winter (and they are!), but there are also so many benefits of using one in the warmer months.

Indoor humidity levels drop in the summer, resulting in dry air that can increase the chance of skin, eye, and nose irritation—and a humidifier is actually the perfect tool to combat this.

What is a humidifier?

A humidifier turns water into mist, naturally hydrating the air in your home and bringing it to an optimal humidity level. This has a myriad of benefits, including allergy relief, boosted natural immunity, improved sleep quality, and moisturized skin and hair.

Vitruvi’s Cloud Humidifier is an award-winning, design-forward option. It emits a refreshing cool mist that is great on warm days, helping stabilize your home’s temperature and your body temperature, too. With a 24-hour run time, automatic safety shut-off, curved nightstand-friendly shape, and removable (and dishwasher-safe!) water bucket, Cloud is a no-brainer when it comes to finding a humidifier that works hard for you—and looks good among your other nice things. It’s already sold out multiple times, and has won an Architectural Digest Cleverest Award, an Architectural Digest Best Sleep Award, and an Esquire Home Award; basically, the Cloud Humidifier impresses everyone who encounters it.

Using a humidifier in the summer

Because a humidifier hydrates your air, it’s a perfect post-summer-day tool. If your skin’s a little dry and your hair’s a little frizzy from all that time in the sun, turn on the Cloud Humidifier and let it do the work for you overnight while you sleep. You’ll wake up not only refreshed, but also with smoother skin and hair. Win-win-win.

A humidifier is also great for combating the symptoms of summer allergies. By bringing your air to an optimal humidity level, it helps with itchy, dry eyes; cracked skin and lips; scratchy throats; and stuffy noses. A humidifier can also help build up your immunity to help stave off future allergens and sicknesses. Say hello to that sweet, sweet relief (and a good night’s sleep, finally!).

Using a humidifier in dry climates

If you live in a drier climate, you can benefit greatly from using a humidifier in the summer—especially if you use air conditioning, which is known to dry out your skin and hair, and even your eyes and throat. A humidifier brings your indoor air humidity back to an ideal level, making your home a more comfortable place to be. And it’s not only you who stands to benefit—your houseplants will love the extra moisture in the air, too.

So, basically: no matter what season you’re in, and no matter what climate you’re in, a humidifier can help you create your healthiest home—and your healthiest self.