Five Things Making Us Happy Right Now

Words by Sara Harowitz

  • Photo courtesy of Sandhill Wines.

    Photo courtesy of Sandhill Wines.

  • Photo courtesy of Fair Jewelry.

    Photo courtesy of Fair Jewelry.

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Life is very strange right now, and very tough. So here are five things that are making me happy at the moment—because sometimes we need to champion the little wins.

Sandhill Wines 2019 Rosé

Even though summer 2020 is sure to look a lot different than sunny days past, we should still find reasons to celebrate. And the 2019 Rosé from the Okanagan’s Sandhill Wines is the perfect thing to toast with. From acclaimed winemaker Sandy Leier comes this refreshing, tart, Provence-style pink wine made with gamay noir, merlot, and sangiovese grapes. With notes of white peach, strawberry, and apple, this wine begins with a hit of wild juice and ends with a lovingly dry crispness. It’s summertime in a bottle, really, and that’s reason enough for me to rejoice.

Fair Jewelry Ciel Pastel collection

Spring has sprung for Vancouver sustainable jewellery brand Fair, which recently launched its Ciel Pastel collection. French for “pastel sky,” the offering uses spring evening walks as its muse, and the results are beautiful. I’m especially loving the Élise Studs in Coco; their organic oval shape hangs perfectly on my lobes, and the beautiful recycled glass gems within (which are made by hand) add a touch of sparkle and depth.

Shopping local

As restaurants and stores do their best to cope during the coronavirus shutdown, we can do our part by spending money where it counts. I am loving the online ordering service from Vancouver’s Coho Commissary, which has a digital market featuring a ton of local food brands—from BobAli dips to Salty Cabbage kimchi to Urban Tadka frozen meals. Some other places offering great online ordering options in Vancouver are Caffe La Tana, The Federal Store, and Harvest. I encourage you to check out the websites of your favourite local shops and see what kind of services they are offering. There’s never been a better time to vote with your dollars.

My apartment

I recently moved into a new apartment and am living on my own for the first time in nearly five years. It’s been an adjustment—especially in the middle of a pandemic, when I can’t see friends or family—but I have come to appreciate small moments, such as the way the sunlight hits my plants around 6 p.m. and makes shadows on the wall, or my new neighbours’ hilarious cat, who likes to lounge flat on his back with all four paws in the air. I’ve also recently acquired a Smeg kettle and toaster (bought on sale; I am truly #blessed), which are providing me with endless domestic joy.

A group of zebras

I have known this for a while, but every time I think about it, it makes me feel good: a group of zebras is called a dazzle. I mean, a group of anything called a “dazzle” would be enough to, well, dazzle me, but the fact that it’s a group of striped horsey animals really puts things over the edge. If you’re ever having a bad day, picture a group of zebras—sorry, picture a *dazzle*—and just try not to smile.