Earthy Shower Cleaner

Earthy Shower Cleaner

Looking for new inspiration for how to clean your shower? In honour of Earth Day, we designed this oh-so-fresh shower spray that will revitalize and clean your tiles, all while smelling amazing.

It’s completely natural and non-toxic, meaning you can rest easy knowing that what you’re using on your surfaces (and rinsing down the drain) is safe and from the earth.


2 cups white vinegar

2 cups water

10 drops Grove Essential Oil Blend

6 drops Lemon Essential Oil

4 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

How to clean your shower

  1. Combine all of the ingredients together in a reusable spray bottle.
  2. Shake well before each use.
  3. Spray down your shower and use a cloth to scrub and buff.
  4. Rinse away any excess and look at that shine.

Making your own products also means you cut down on your single-use plastics. Win-win-win, really.

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