Our Black Friday 2021 Shopping Guide

Our Black Friday 2021 Shopping Guide

It’s that time of the year again: Black Friday. How did we get here so quickly? 

For the store-goer, Black Friday might be a stressful day filled with lines, herds of people, and panic. But for the online shopper, it can be a more appealing event spent browsing from the comfort of home. With our Black Friday shopping guide, we’re proposing an even more delightful affair: one where you can sit back, relax, and scroll (and maybe diffuse a grounding blend in the background).

Here are some of our favorite vitruvi products for feeling truly at home during winter and the holiday season. And don’t forget: the vitruvi 2021 Black Friday Sale means you get 30% off sitewide from Nov. 21 to 29.

Stone Diffuser in White

There’s a reason the Stone Diffuser is a best-seller. With its beautiful and timeless matte ceramic exterior, it’s a functional art piece that cements the feeling of being at home. It comes in eight different colors, but we’re always loving White: a classic hue that is crisp and clear like the winter weather. 

Move Diffuser in Charm

Our cordless diffuser scents spaces without being plugged in—wherever you go in the house, it can join. The three new limited-edition holiday colors add another level of aesthetic appeal. Our favorite might be Charm: a creamy, metallic pearl inspired by the twinkling lights of the festive period. You can view the Move Diffuser in Charm as a way to tastefully keep holiday merriment and opulence around all year long.

Natural Habitat Print Issue No. 1

Essential reading. Our debut print issue includes thought-provoking essays, interior design articles, interviews with clean beauty entrepreneurs, and more. It’s best read while curling up on the couch diffusing an essential oil blend.

Essential Well Being

‘Tis the season when self-care can get overlooked. With Thanksgiving and Christmas, and all the holiday festivities in between, it can be too easy to throw routine out the window. Self-care sets the stage for how you show up for yourself and others, so we’re proposing a solution: Essential Well BeingWritten by vitruvi cofounder Sara Panton, this book is full of natural recipes and rituals for the body and home. It’s a beautiful book—one that will surely be the envy of all the others on your coffee table. But more importantly, it has recipes that are short and sweet, meaning that you can very attainably fit them into your jam-packed holiday schedule. Think of it as a gift for yourself. 


Smells like homemade mulled wine, fireplaces, the first snowfall of the year, and hugs with loved ones. December in a bottle. This natural scent is limited-edition, so we suggest you run—or rather, add to bag—quickly.


Bring the spa home—because you always deserve the extra TLC. Eucalyptus Essential Oil is soothing and full of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a bathroom staple. You can put it in your diffuser, or add a few drops to the palm of your hands while in the shower to make it feel like an invigorating steam room. Eucalyptus blends well with CedarwoodLavender, and Sweet Orange.


Rest is always important, no matter the time of year. Our comforting Sleep Blend features Lavender, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile, and Vetiver; picture a private garden, a warm, fuzzy blanket, and being cradled to bed.

Happy shopping!

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