Failsafe Gift Ideas for Mom (Any Time of Year)

Failsafe Gift Ideas for Mom (Any Time of Year)

Shopping for Mom can be hard. It’s not that you don’t know what she likes, but rather that you want it to be extra-special. You want it to be unique. You want it to be something she’ll use over and over again. And hey, you want it to be something that solidifies you as her favorite kid (sorry not sorry to your sibs). 

Scent is so connected to memory, so why not give her a present that reminds her of you every time she uses it? Whether it’s for your birth mother, step-mother, adoptive mother, drag mother, or any other kind of mother figure, here’s what to get her. (And if mother-related content is triggering for you, we see you—read more here.)

For the mom who swears she doesn’t want anything

She just wants to spend time with you, she says. And you should absolutely provide that for her—quality time is precious. But that doesn’t mean she won’t love a little something extra to help ground her throughout her day. Opt for the Stone Diffuser and the Signature Kit: featuring mini bottles of smoky Legacy, soothing Sleep, refreshing Pacific, and cheerful Golden, this kit is the perfect way for her to scent her AM to PM while adding an extra touch of personalization to her home.

For the mom who always smells like expensive perfume

Every time she gives you one of her amazing hugs, her fragrance envelops you. Whether it’s Chanel No. 5 or Heretic Dirty Grass, this mom always smells amazing—so her home should, too. Opt for the Stone Diffuser in Suede; it’s a sophisticated taupe with light purple undertones. Pair it with our signature scent Legacy (notes of Cedarwood, Bergamot, and Rose), or our classic floral aroma Moonbeam (with notes of Wild Orange, Jasmine, and Ho Wood). Soon her living room will smell like a perfumery in Grasse.

For the mom who takes bedtime very seriously

Maybe she puts her phone away precisely an hour prior to bed. Maybe she does some meditating or reading before the lights go off. Maybe she has a four-step skincare routine that she’s done since she was a teen. Whatever it looks like for her, this mom does not mess around when it comes to bedtime. Gift her the Stone Diffuser in soft and sweet Lavender, along with a big bottle of Lavender Essential Oil (the ultimate bedside scent) and our Rest Kit (calming Sleep, tropical Retreat, warm Dusk, and replenishing Grove). It’ll take her evening routine to the next level.

For the mom who’s happiest when she’s seaside

The smell of the saltwater, the sound of the waves, the view of the sand—this is her idyll. But for the days when she can’t be at the ocean, she’ll be able to mentally transport there with the help of the Stone Diffuser in Sky; aptly named for its tranquil blue hue, it’s an instant reminder of clear skies above calm beaches. She’ll also love Pacific, of course—this aroma was inspired by our cofounders’ upbringing on the shores of Vancouver Island. Or consider our Refresh Kit: mini bottles of Pacific (smells like the beach), Retreat (smells like a post-kayak spa treatment), Boost (smells like the fresh fruit she loves to eat for breakfast), and Golden (smells like standing in sunshine). All she has to do is close her eyes and breathe in.

For the mom who’s planning her trip to Tuscany

She’s finally taking the trip she has been dreaming about for so long (and deserves more than anyone). Get her in the mood for Aperols and dinners al fresco with Boost, which smells like a citrus grove, and Retreat, which smells like a fancy spa day. Pair them with the cordless Move Diffuser in White so that she can take the Italy vibes with her to any room in the house.

For the mom who’s always puttering in the garden

She misses your calls because she’s too busy trimming hedges or pulling weeds. Her planting gloves are weathered but their presence is a comfort. She has a pair of Crocs specifically for this task. For the mom who uses gardening as her meditation, gift the Stone Diffuser in warm Terracotta (like her pots!), along with a big bottle of herbal and rejuvenating Eucalyptus Essential Oil. For good measure, throw in Golden Blend: this mix of Peppermint, Lavender, Ginger, and Grapefruit is basically a sunny day in a bottle.

The mother figures in our lives deserve love, attention, and care every single day. But a little extra pampering is never a bad idea.

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