Scent Style: Sound Therapist and Podcast Host May Globus

Scent Style: Sound Therapist and Podcast Host May Globus

May Globus has a magic about her—she just does. It’s evident in her big smile and her bright eyes, but it’s also just in the way she carries herself.

May Globus

The former real estate marketer left her stable corporate job to dream bigger and pursue new passions: an act of bravery if there ever was one, especially in oft-unforgiving Vancouver. Now the sound therapist and podcast host is guided by intuition, by purpose, by belonging. And it shows in her energy, her presence; she is nurturing, curious, warm, and mystic. Here’s how she scents her Mount Pleasant home.

Scent is so personal. What does it mean to you? 

For me, scent is self-expression—it’s not unlike fashion and style. When you put on an outfit or a fragrance (or diffuse a scent in your space), you’re telling a narrative about yourself. About who you are, about what matters to you, about how you’re feeling at a particular moment in time. Scent is a story. It can be a story that’s just for you, or it can be one that’s told, without words, to others.

Describe your personality in three to five words.

This was hard to do in three to five words! I believe all humans are incredibly multi-faceted and constantly evolving—how do we boil ourselves down to a few descriptors? But I’m up for a good friendly challenge, so here goes: curious. Intuitive. Reflective. Joyful. Loving (of others, and of a good joke). Free-spirited. Imperfect. Warm. I apologize, that was eight words—see, not so easy!

May Globus

With those words in mind, tell us about the diffuser blend that you’ve created to represent your scent style.

I approached it with that curious and intuitive side of me: I asked myself how I felt in the moment and used the feeling that came up to guide what my soul needed to inhale and exhale. It felt like making my own personal potion. In that moment, I felt like combining some of the blends, because I was missing being able to do my annual solo trip to Tofino and Ucluelet on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I did a mix of Ceremony, Grove, and Pacific so that I could be transported there—if not physically, then through smell.

Why did you choose each of these oils and how do they work together? What does the final aroma smell like or remind you of?

As much as I’m creatively ignited by being in the big-energy eastern cities (or global ones), my soul is deeply replenished by Pacific Northwest nature, the ocean, and, also, incense. I love incense made in Japan; some of the best brands from there have been around for centuries. And I love coming home to myself by making sure I have my own personal rituals and ceremonies—hence choosing Ceremony for part of my scent, which is strong and subtle at the same time. To me, the final aroma invokes divine feminine energy: powerful, soft, creative, mystical, grounded, and mysterious.

May Globus

What room do you diffuse this scent in and when do you diffuse it?

I diffuse this in the living room area, right by my altar table. It’s where my diffuser seems to belong: near my gatherings from travels and explorations, incense, pendulum, oils, tarot and oracle decks, and cards I keep from loved ones with extra-special messages in them that make my heart feel happy and seen.

Aside from scent, what else makes you feel truly at home in your space?

My books and instruments. I don’t think my home—this one now or the one(s) in the future—will feel like home without my ukulele, singing bowls, chimes, drum, rattle, and gong. This instrument collection is growing fast, so I will eventually need (and am currently dreaming into existence) a larger space for it all!

What’s your favorite thing about your home?

The energy. When I come home, I truly and deeply feel like I’m coming home to myself.


5 drops Ceremony Essential Oil Blend
5 drops Grove Essential Oil Blend
10 drops Pacific Essential Oil Blend 

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