Scent Style: Sarah Simon, The Mint Gardener

Words by Sara Harowitz

Photography by Sarah Simon

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Is there anything more soothing than a watercolor painting? (Maybe only our Sleep Blend—wink.) But there’s something truly special about looking at art that has been created using light, almost ethereal watercolors—and they’re Sarah Simon’s specialty. Better known as The Mint Gardener, Seattle-based Simon has earned herself a loyal following of art and plant enthusiasts who love her whimsical, soft, and happy botanicals.

Simon is currently in the process of setting up her new studio. Here’s how she scents it.

Scent is so personal. What does it mean to you?

Scent imprints memories. Much like a favorite song or a well-loved novel, when I come across a beloved scent again after time has passed, it can transport me right back to that place where I first experienced it. Diffusing a favorite scent here in my studio means that I can take home with me, with whatever I’m doing.

Describe your personality in three to five words.

Creative, authentic, and charismatic, while simultaneously introspective and personable.

With those words in mind, tell us about the diffuser recipe that you’ve created to represent your scent style.

At first I played with a few lovely blends: Retreat, Dusk, and Clean Sweep. These are beautiful combinations to begin with, and once I understood the scent notes I really enjoyed, I began to experiment and mix my own. I really enjoyed the calming ritual of pouring the water into the diffuser—and then of feeling the Stone cover’s texture as the final touch before turning it on to see what my blend would be like.

The Mint Gardener

Why did you choose each of these oils and how do they work together? What does the final aroma smell like or remind you of?

Grapefruit is my leading note for a light, fresh, energizing, citrusy, and welcoming scent. I like to follow Grapefruit with Spruce to add an earthy, evergreen aroma. And finally, I add Bergamot, which is sourced from the rind of the bergamot orange fruit; like Grapefruit, it has a citrus base, but there’s a floral element that adds a light sweetness to blend it all together.

The scent reminds me of a refreshing spring day—warm, in a garden of greens and citrus trees.

What room do you diffuse this scent in and when do you diffuse it?

I diffuse in my art studio. It’s the first thing I do to begin my workday, right after turning on the lights. Lights on, diffuser filled, heater up, and then—music.

Aside from scent, what else makes you feel truly at home in your space?

I believe to make a space become your place, you need to make it inviting and welcoming. Through scent, of course, and also by adding personal touches that invite you in and inspire you to be there. A favorite plant, a soft velvet pillow in your perfect shade of blush, a cozy place to sit—and all of your materials, ready and waiting for you to begin the day.

The Mint Gardener

What’s your favorite thing about your home?

I love that each room, even our outdoor garden, has our touches on it. We have added a greenhouse to our outdoor garden, and I have my favorite rug in my art studio. We have plants lining every window in the house, and the soft green glow of growing things makes each room feel alive. Our bedroom is full of soft linens, and our bed is full of textured pillows in my favorite tones. My husband isn’t too keen on all of the pillows I insist on (ha!), but he is beginning to see the beauty they give (and how happy they make me). Scent, texture, and light, natural tones make our home feel inviting, restful, cozy, and creative.


6 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

3 drops Spruce Essential Oil

3 drops Bergamot Essential Oil