Scent Style: Tamerri Ater, Senior Director of Product Development at Versed Skincare

Scent Style: Tamerri Ater, Senior Director of Product Development at Versed Skincare

Anyone in the know about clean skincare is likely to have heard of Versed. The affordable, accessible, sweetly-branded line of cleansers, serums, and masks is as good as the beauty bloggers (and TikTokers) say. And Tamerri Ater is one of the people to thank.

As senior director of product development at Versed, she is undoubtedly a beauty expert (and her skin is the only proof you need). She’s also a reiki healer and certified astrologer, making her energy as radiant as her complexion. Here’s how she scents her Los Angeles home.

Scent is so personal. What does it mean to you?

I’m a Taurus, so I’m all about pleasing the five senses—scent being one of them. I use scent to set a mood and inspire how I want to feel at the moment, whether it’s uplifted, relaxed, or creative.

Describe your personality in three to five words.

Determined, benevolent, mystical, passionate, trustworthy.

With those words in mind, tell us about the diffuser blend that you’ve created to represent your scent style.

I’ve been a long-term user of essential oils, and I have my usual go-tos for both day and night. I wanted to create a blend that brought the energizing feeling I like having during the day to encourage productivity, but with a calming twist to help keep anxiety at bay.

I was instantly drawn to the dynamic citrus blend of Boost, which has Bergamot, Grapefruit, Juniper, and Lime. I wanted to cut the citrus with a calming floral, so I chose Ylang Ylang; a couple drops of Peppermint rounded out the blend perfectly with a sweet pick-me-up.

Why did you choose each of these oils and how do they work together? What does the final aroma smell like or remind you of?

I love that these oils are completely different scent-wise, but somehow come together seamlessly. The citrus blend was an obvious choice for energy; Peppermint is a known mood-booster; and Ylang Ylang is good for calming and relaxation—but not so much that I want to fall asleep. I save Lavender for sleeping at night.

The final aroma reminds me! It’s complex.

What room do you diffuse this scent in and when do you diffuse it?

I have two vitruvi diffusers—one I leave on my nightstand, and I really only use it before bed or to wind down. The other is in the office, where I do all of my virtual astrology readings and reiki healings, so it’s the perfect area for me to diffuse this unique scent. I love that the Move Diffuser is portable, and that I can bring it to any room in the house.

Aside from scent, what else makes you feel truly at home in your space?

Surrounding myself with things that are representative of who I am brings me so much joy. I work in product development, so beauty is obviously a huge part of my life. But I’m also a professional astrologer, reiki healer, and wellness guru, so “mystical glam” is totally my style.

What’s your favorite thing about your home?

My husband and I live in a tri-level townhome, and I love that each floor has its own energetic vibe. The top level has the office, so I feel super productive and inspired there. The kitchen and living room make up our entertainment space. The lower level has our master bedroom, which is a work-free relaxation zone for me. It’s a great home for compartmentalizing the different areas of our lives.


10 drops Boost Essential Oil Blend

5 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

2 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

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