What the vitruvi Team is Gifting This Holiday Season

Words by Jhena Waring

Photography by Laura Murray

This is basically a cheat sheet for being the best gifter in your family and/or friend group. Here’s what the vitruvi team is gifting this year—you’re welcome.

Brett, Customer Experience

“Mom, if you’re reading this, stop right now (spoiler alert)! This year I’m going to gift the ultimate vitruvi fan, my mom, a Cloud Humidifier in Oat so that she can embrace the season with glowing skin and hair and the most restful sleep she deserves.”

Simone, Experience and Community

“I’ll be gifting the new Move Diffuser in Oat paired with our limited-edition holiday blends, Nightcap and Slow Dance. Oat is the perfect creamy beige to fit into anyone’s home, and Nightcap and Slow Dance are the best scents for the holiday season. Nightcap is a spicy combination of Blood Orange and Ginger to make your home feel luxurious, but still like home. Slow Dance reminds me of drinking coffee in front of a wood fireplace—and I’m not sure what’s better than that.”

Vitor, Creative

“This holiday season I’ll be gifting the Stone Diffuser in speckled Vanilla and the Signature Kit to my mom. She deserves as much comfort and relaxation as possible, and I can’t think of a more luxurious way to send her my love this Christmas.”

[product-card handle="signature-essential-oil-kit"]

Matheus, Marketplace

“My choice of gift this year is the Stay Diffuser Holiday Bundle. I picked the 18-hour Stay Diffuser because it will scent their space from AM to PM; its sleek design fits any room, and it gives an extra touch of elegance to my loved ones’ homes. I’m getting it bundled with the limited-edition Holiday Kit, because everyone loves festive scents!”

Elija, Social

“I stocked up on Slow Dance Blend—everyone in my life will be having holiday-scented spaces this year. For my extra-nice list, I’ll be gifting the new Stone Diffuser in deep Cocoa brown, as it looks decorative yet chic enough to fit in all year.”

Cherry, Design

“I’m gifting the Move Diffuser in White to my whole list. It’s the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. It’s sexy tech—who doesn’t like that?”

[product-card handle="move-cordless-essential-oil-diffuser" variant="White"]

Madi, Brand

“My family is obsessed with all things skincare, so this year the Cloud Humidifier in Dove is definitely on my gifting list!”

Impress your whole list this season with gifts that care for their air.