How Good Design Equals Comfort at Home

Words by Noah Morse

  • Photos by Britney Gill.

    Photos by Britney Gill.

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You would be hard-pressed to find someone nowadays who disagrees with the notion that home is where the heart is.

What was once just a cheesy motto framed on the wall of your aunt’s house now resonates more than ever. The past year has literally forced us to sit, analyze, and ask ourselves: do I truly feel at home in my space?

Growing up with parents who were designers, it was only natural that this infiltrated every aspect of my life. Everything in our home had a story and a purpose. When I was young, my parents often took us on trips to nearby islands to experience the Canadian west coast in all its natural beauty.

Sundays furniture

Ultimately this was reflected throughout our home: solid woods; natural stone; light and soft palettes of colors and textures. This style has trickled into my own home now. So when people ask how I would characterize my personal design style (or the style of Sundays, the furniture brand I cofounded), I go back to these memories and say that our style is “west coast”—natural, welcoming, and comfortable.

In the age of consumerism, purchasing furniture that will grow with you is important—and for that to happen, the pieces need to have a timeless quality to them. In the end, all you really want is to make people feel good about what they’re doing to their homes. It’s that simple, and simplicity feels authentic.

The last thing we want to do is help create spaces that have all the charm of a cardboard box. Instead, we intend to help people form interiors that capture exactly what their passions are. Sometimes it’s as simple as a rug or a painting that can set the tone in the home, and everything else follows down that path and direction.

Sundays furniture

For me, the entrance of a home is often overlooked—but really, it sets the mood. I’ve also always been fascinated with contrasting light and dark; lights make a house seem alive, whether it’s natural light during the day or the lighting you can control at night. For children, a home needs to be warm and livable, a place to fool around and enjoy life in.

At Sundays, our product names are chosen to describe an emotion or mood: Feel Good, Embrace, and Movie Night, as well as the rounded corners of our wood pieces, embody that soft, welcoming, comfortable feeling. We strive to develop products with a reason that brings value—or else what’s the point? Thoughtful design should be accessible to the mass majority of people, so bridging quality with value is our ultimate focus.

The fact of the matter is, what is appealing to you may be appalling to another. But it’s your space. So if you maintain the motto that home is where the heart is, then yours will always be a reflection of you.