In Conversation With Parachute Founder and CEO Ariel Kaye

Words by Sara Harowitz

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Walking into a Parachute store will give you an immediate sense of calm. Perhaps the only moment of anxiety that may arise is when you realize that you want everything in sight. Which you will, because Parachute has a way of creating home goods that appeal to everyone.

With simplicity and quality at the forefront, Parachute’s homewares—including linens, towels, and loungewear—promote an accessible yet aspirational lifestyle: you spend a lot of time in your home, so you might as well invest in it. And if you’re going to invest, do it with pieces that are well made, beautiful, calming, and luxurious.

To celebrate Parachute’s new fair trade, and ethically produced, and gorgeous rug collection, founder and CEO Ariel Kaye reflects on keeping quality at the forefront of the brand and on what home means to her.

What does home mean to you?

Home is everything to me. I’m obsessed with creating a cozy, comfortable space that’s both beautiful and livable. What’s the point of having nice things that you never use? All of Parachute’s products are designed to be well loved and last a long time, so you’re really investing in your home and overall comfort.

What makes you feel truly at home in your own space?

Small touches like bold accent pillows, beautiful storage baskets, and chunky throws can bring additional color and texture to the space while also creating a more homey and welcoming atmosphere. Weekly fresh flowers placed around the whole house are another way I bring life and comfort into my own home.

How has your definition of home changed over the years?

For me, home has always been a place to spend time with friends and family. I love to host, share meals, and unwind in the comfort of my home. My house has always been the gathering place; I am happiest with a house full of laughter and chaos. What is constantly evolving for me when it comes to home is how I create functional space. With two small kids, home is now a place to play and grow.

What are some of your go-to Parachute products right now?

The Everyday Linen Quilt is a year-round fan favorite, and we just launched it in a new color that I’m loving: Clover. We also recently launched an Organic Cloud Cotton sleepwear collection (I love the Tee and Pants), and the fabric truly envelops you and feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Talk about the new rug collection. What was that creation process like?

We wanted to create a collection of rugs that was modern and timeless, mixing textures, colors, and patterns to add intrigue to a space in the home. We first launched rugs in 2019, but this new collection is special to me because the entire assortment is Fair Trade Certified. This means that the factory producing these rugs meets rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards—including safe working practices, environmental protections, and transparent supply chains.

Why were these rugs the natural next step for the Parachute offering?

Rugs are a large part of designing a home—you could put one in every room—and we wanted to offer a collection of rugs that brought texture, color, and unique design accents to our assortment. These rugs complement our existing offerings, and we’re excited to continue expanding into every room in the home with this launch.

Details and quality are paramount to your brand. How do you stay true to those values as you continue to scale?

We have a great relationship with our vendors, which really helps us maintain quality in everything we do. In fact, I just visited our factory in Portugal to check in and see how everything is going, which is something I like to do periodically. Certifications like Fair Trade, GOTS, Oeko-Tex, and others are also ways to ensure quality throughout the entire supply chain. We have some really bold sustainability goals that we’re working to reach in the next few years, and our vendors are an essential part of those goals. 

What does work-life integration look like for you?

A work-life balance is so important to me, so that’s something I really emphasize at Parachute as well. Employees get unlimited paid time off and are encouraged to use it—whether that’s for a mental health day or vacation. We also offer virtual yoga or meditation classes from time to time as a reprieve from the work week. I work out consistently and practice self-care when I can, because I know that if I take care of myself I’ll be able to be a better, fully present leader.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.