Peppy Multipurpose Cleaning Spray

Words by Louise Miller

Photography by Cristina Gareau

Making our own multi-purpose sprays is one of our favourite ways to use vitruvi essential oils. This recipe elevates household cleaning from dull to dynamite.


10 drops Spruce Essential Oil

15 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

15 drops Lemon Essential Oil

15 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

2 cups water

2 cups white vinegar

How to use it

  1. Fill a spray bottle with the water.
  2. Add the vinegar.
  3. Add the essential oils.
  4. Give the bottle a swirl or light shake to combine.
  5. Screw the top to your spray bottle back on and you are ready to go: use this mixture to wipe down your shower, coffee maker, baseboards, or light switches.
  6. Notice that pep in your step.