Tips for Working from Home

Tips for Working from Home

Working from home is always a privilege, and sometimes it’s a necessity. Here are some ways to do it effectively for both yourself and your employer.

How to work from home: get dressed

It may seem obvious, but don’t stay in your pyjamas all day. Getting dressed is an easy motivator because it’s a way of telling yourself that you’re a professional and that you’re about to get things done. Do whatever makes you feel put together, whether that’s throwing on some earrings or dabbing on some blush.

How to work from home: designate space

It can be tempting to work from bed or the couch, but these practices aren’t great, either. Instead, designate a workspace for yourself—whether that’s a separate room or simply a specific corner of your kitchen table. Have everything you need there: your mouse, your charging cords, your notebook, your pens. Make it feel like your desk at an office would.

How to work from home: keep office hours

Stick to your schedule. We are creatures of habit by nature, so if you continue to work the same hours you would at the office, it can help you keep on task. It will also make it easier for your coworkers to know when they can reach you and expect things from you.

How to work from home: take breaks

The same as you would in an office setting, take a breather now and again. That might mean going to stare out the window for a few minutes or taking a quick walk around the block—do what works for you to reset your brain and avoid going stir-crazy. Also remember that when you’re working from home, you still get a lunch break. So be sure to honour it.

How to work from home: eat well

Sometimes in the middle of the day, it can feel hard to stop work and make an elaborate lunch when there’s cheese and crackers on hand—but consider the fact that this is your body’s fuel for the rest of the workday. Aim to dish up salads, sandwiches, grain bowls, and other things that make your body feel good. That might mean you prep a few things the night before, but trust us: it’s worth it.

How to work from home: set the tone

Aroma is a fantastic way to signal your brain that it’s time to work. Consider diffusing essential oils that help with focus, such as Rosemary. Try 8 drops of Rosemary, 4 drops of Lemon, and 5 drops of Grapefruit in your diffuser for an energizing aroma.

How to work from home: make lists

Keeping on task can be hard when there are so many distractions (“I wonder if the couch would look good facing the other way?”), so refocus your energy by following a strict to-do list. It also helps you feel accomplished at the end of the day when you see just how much you checked off.

As you progress, you’ll start to figure out what works best for you—and that’s the most important thing. Well, that and coffee.

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