My Quarantine Spaces: Tommy Lei’s Bathroom

Words by Tommy Lei

Photography by Tommy Lei

Each week, Tommy Lei of @mybelonging takes us through a different room in his home.

My quarantine sanctuary has been my primary bathroom.

Tommy Lei bathroom

During my house renovations exactly a year ago, I designed this space to exude a spa-like vibe with a dash of whimsy. We succeeded by going with a dusty pink wall color and covered almost every corner with mixed tiles.

Tommy Lei bathroom

The finishing touches are the brassy details on the mirror and towel handles, as well as a frosted glass panel on the door, to allow more filtered natural light to come through.

Tommy Lei bathroom

My time here is further enhanced by diffusing Eucalyptus—a scent with herbaceous and anxiety-reducing qualities. It’s simply divine when you’re about to jump in the shower and wash your worries away.