Transform Your Kitchen Into A Pinterest Dream

Transform Your Kitchen Into A Pinterest Dream

The start of a new season brings with it the perfect opportunity to change things up. We’re going inwards and looking at our homes—and pinning dream places on Pinterest. The room of interest? Our kitchens. Here are some simple tips to turn your kitchen into a dreamy, Pinterest-worthy space.

Stone Diffuser

The hallmark of an aesthetic kitchen? Items that are both beautiful and functional. Doubling as a sculptural vessel while naturally scenting your space, the Stone Diffuser ticks all of those boxes. There are over eight colors to choose from, but our favorite is the crisp and classic White.

Always Pan

The cult-classic Always Pan is not only amazing for cooking, but also for its aesthetic. You can do anything with it, from braising and searing to steaming and frying; as its name suggests, it was designed to be the one pan that you always use (and keep on display). We love it in the Blue Salt hue to add a subtle pop of color to your space. 

Chic toaster

Every kitchen needs a toaster. But have you ever seen one that looks this good? Smeg’s retro-inspired toaster in glossy white will fit right in in your gorgeous kitchen.

Dinnerware Set

Beautiful tableware adds to your kitchen aesthetic but also makes the food more enjoyable. Fable’s hand-finished Dinnerware Set in Speckled White is a sweet, sophisticated option that will elevate any meal. Now all you need is matching glassware and cutlery.

Natural scents

Scents make your kitchen smell inviting and are perfect for when you’re not making food. We love the Signature Kit from vitruvi as it features a medley of floral, citrus, herbal, and woodsy aromas—something for every mood. The best part? These blends also look beautiful on display. Put 20 to 30 drops of any scent in your new Stone Diffuser to make your kitchen smell amazing. And for a quick scent touch-up in between meals, reach for Urban Garden Natural Air Freshener Spray. A mix of Orange and Basil, it smells fresh and bright and will invigorate your space in an instant.

Kitchen Cleaning Trio

This beautiful neroli-infused Kitchen Trio from Homecourt features a surface cleaner, dish soap, and hand soap—AKA the perfect set for keeping your kitchen clean. Coming in a glossy black container, it looks amazing on display.

Palm Dish

Storage, but make it fashion. This sculptural bronze Palm Dish from Kelly Wearstler is a decorative object that is perfect for keeping your keys handy or for holding stuff you don’t know where to put. Because this looks so artsy, your guests will never know that you’re using it as a catch-all.

And just like that, your kitchen is the envy of all those on Pinterest—but in real life.

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