Ways to Use Sweet Orange Essential Oil Around the Home

Ways to Use Sweet Orange Essential Oil Around the Home

We can’t get enough of Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Not only is it enchantingly refreshing, but it also offers an uplifting boost to our daily cleaning routines—minus the chemicals. With its natural antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, Sweet Orange can truly make a difference all over the home.

Dryer sheets

Nothing is more comforting than clean clothes that smell great. Especially on dreary days, a burst of Sweet Orange can invigorate an otherwise dull morning. Make these scrumptious-smelling, all-natural dryer sheets and avoid the chemical bouquet of the store-bought version. Simply sub Sweet Orange for Lemon to get a more floral combo, sub Sweet Orange for the Lavender for an extra citrus pop, or use just Sweet Orange by itself for a simple yet invigorating scent.

Floor buffer

Combine one teaspoon of plain organic dish soap, 10 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil, 10 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil, 1.5 cups of white vinegar, and one gallon of hot water in a bucket. Using a washcloth, buff the floor in a circular motion, rinsing as needed.

Kitchen spray

For a natural way to treat pots and pans as well as kitchen countertops, use Sweet Orange. In a spray bottle, add 7 drops to a quarter cup of Castile soap and a quarter cup of water. This formula is especially effective on greasy dishes and can be used on problem spots elsewhere in the home. If looking for an even simpler way to use Sweet Orange on dishes, simply add three drops right to soapy pots and pans when washing them by hand.

Washroom air freshener

Combine 1 cup of water, 15 drops of Sweet Orange, and half a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol into a reusable spray bottle. Then, simply spray wherever and whenever needed. This product will freshen and energize, the natural way.

Pest repellent

Perhaps the most exciting use for Sweet Orange in the home is as a natural pest repellent. This recipe is useful for ants, spiders, fleas, and flies. In a spray bottle, add half a quart of water, a teaspoon of plain organic dish soap, and 6 drops of Sweet Orange. Spray near windows and doors for best results.

It’s easy to see why Sweet Orange is one of our favourites—not just for its uplifting properties, but also for its cleaning applications. Be sure to add this star to your collection, and clean up your cleaning routine.