The Best Home Scents for Your Zodiac Sign

Words by Keagan Perlette

Photography by Hannah Faith Lord

Scent sets the mood and alters the atmosphere of your space. You can introduce a sense of calm, excitement, focus, meditativeness, and even sexiness through different scents. All of these might be unique aspects of yourself that you want to express in your space throughout the day.

We’ve paired some of our favorite vitruvi essential oil blends with each Zodiac sign to inspire you to infuse your home with the energy you already radiate. You can also read for your Moon sign and (if you know it) your Venus sign. The Moon’s location in your chart represents your emotional landscape, including what nourishes you and makes you feel safe; meanwhile, Venus’ position points towards how you experience your senses and what brings you the most pleasure.

Aries: Clean Sweep Blend

Yours is the energy of fearless beginnings, as well as headstrong determination to leave your unique mark on the world. With its blend of bright and energizing notes, Clean Sweep gives you the clarity and peace of mind to tackle ambitious creative projects—and breeze through everyday responsibilities with a greater sense of purpose.

Taurus: Dusk Blend

You love a challenge—as long as there’s a nourishing meal, a warm bath, and a chance to indulge waiting for you afterwards. Diffuse soft and herbal Dusk to create the cozy, healing atmosphere you deserve after a hard day’s work. Support your boundaries around rest, solitude, and pleasure with scents that evoke warmth and luxury.

Gemini: Sweet Water Blend

You thrive on connection and creating relationships, infusing humor and much-needed levity into all your interactions. Sweet Water’s notes of sparkling citrus and bright spice reflect and amplify your vibrant spirit. Diffuse when friends are over, or when you simply need the company of a little ray of sunshine.

Cancer: Sleep Blend

Your territories are the deep, honest parts of us that make us truly human: our inexplicable emotions, our unexpected courage, and our intrinsic vulnerabilities. The blend of soothing florals and ancient Frankincense in Sleep facilitates mindful meditation and helps you connect with your feelings, even when they might be overwhelming. 

Leo: Golden Blend

You’re a possibility-seer and a passionate dreamer; you’re confident you can create the joyful, adventurous reality that you envision for yourself. Express that sense of optimism and hopefulness with Golden’s glimmering notes of Grapefruit, Peppermint, and Ginger. Diffuse when you need a reminder that the world benefits from your light.

Virgo: Boost Blend

You’re dedicated to integrity, growth, and refinement. You always want things to be the best they can be, and you make sure everything’s exceptional before it leaves your capable hands. Diffuse Boost while you work; its uplifting notes of Bergamot, Juniper, and Lime support focus and help you execute on your impeccable vision.

Libra: Retreat Blend

Your ability to recognize and appreciate beauty in people, in art and design, and in nature is a precious gift. No one can match your taste, and what you curate brings others joy, too. Retreat’s delicate notes of Grapefruit, Palmarosa, and Eucalyptus further refine the atmosphere of your aesthetically-advanced space.

Scorpio: Nightcap Blend

You take the dark with the light, understanding the complex layers of the human experience with honesty. You’re not afraid to confront your shadows and share a cup of tea. Diffuse Nightcap’s spicy blend of Black Pepper, Grapefruit, and Ginger to connect with your senses and come into your body when things feel chaotic. 

Sagittarius: Pacific Blend

Your life is a quest. Each obstacle you meet is a wise lesson that shows you your character and reveals the nature of life. Pacific scents your home with the sense of adventure that stokes your curiosity, layering in forest-inspired notes of Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Amyris. Diffuse while broadening your horizons and learning new things.

Capricorn: Ceremony

You walk the liminal space between structure and spirit, responsibility and wildness. You forge paths for your life out of what’s most important, which reflects your ambition and integrity. Ritual is routine infused with meaning; diffuse smoky Ceremony to transform your everyday tasks into sacred acts imbued with gratitude and intention.

Aquarius: Quiet Blend

Your mind reaches out towards the future, encouraging you to take inspired action that incites change—whether that’s through education or artwork. Floral and powdery Quiet helps you get into a contemplative state where your vision and ideas can percolate, resulting in truly genius ideas. Diffuse when you’re doing research or engaging in intellectual conversation. 

Pisces: Moonbeam Blend

Your ability to listen to your intuition and empathize with the emotions of others has always been one of your greatest skills. People love the way you pay attention and offer heart-centered insights. The deep woody-floral notes of Moonbeam create a sense of safety and tranquility when you’re having those meaningful, vulnerable conversations.

With essential oils, you can add another dimension to your home that makes your environment feel more like you.