Natural Linen Spray

Natural Linen Spray

Instantly reinvigorate tired or musty linens with this natural spray. We used Lavender and Cedarwood because they’re both calm and cozy, while the Spruce adds an element of freshness. Life is all about little luxuries, right?

What is linen spray?

Linen spray is a great way to give your textiles a quick refresh. Spray down pillows, sheets, chairs, blankets, and more with this unique scent.



      24 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

      36 drops Lavender Essential Oil

      30 drops Spruce Essential Oil

      1 tablespoon vodka

      Filtered or distilled water

      1 8-ounce spray bottle

      How to make linen spray with essential oils

      1. Combine the vodka and essential oils in the spray bottle, and give it a good shake to mix. Let sit for 15 minutes to allow the scents to combine. Shake again.
      2. Add water until the bottle is almost full, leaving about half an inch of space at the top.
      3. Cap the bottle and shake again to combine.
      4. Shake the bottle well before each use, and liberally spray on fabrics as desired.
      5. Sit back and relax.